Welcome to the Ministry of Apostle E. W. Wilcots

An individual with a vision - A solid stance of boldness in a nearly dilapidated land –A stronghold of faith many aspired to emulate – A reviving spark of anticipation to lift the veil of emotional destruction – Enlightenment. Hope. Inspiration. Rejuvenation.

As written by Waukesha Lewis of Gospel Truth Magazine, this so describes the ministry of Apostle E. W. Wilcots and his 45 years of Pastoral Ministry.

Apostle Wilcots desire is to spread the gospel across America through radio and television. His vision with the help of God has led him to plant churches from Washington, DC to California.

He paved the way and provided a platform to other preachers. Today he is seeing the increase in their ministries. Apostle Wilcots says, "They preached to the hundreds I had, but the vision in them developed thousands! Jesus spoke of this when He told His disciples “these works and greater works you will do.” I am fascinated at how it never decreases only increases."

A Glimpse At Apostle Wilcots Earlier Years

After accepting his call into the ministy and growing stronger in the Lord, he began a series of crusades which led him to Houston, Texas in 1963 where he gained a vast amount of experience under the late Pastor Joe Nelson and Bishop A.C. Nelson. A lone tent revivalist in the area, Apostle Wilcots closed the windows of tradition and opened the doors of a revolutionary opportunity for all God’s people to enter into a more intimate relationship with Christ. “I recall fasting for 21 days and God giving me a tent with the help of borrowed funds from my father and a local pastor.” Although A.A. Allen and Oral Roberts were the great tent evangelists of the 50’s and 60’s, Apostle Wilcots was the only Black stepping into this arena. “My first tent meeting was in Bordersville, OK.” During this period, he was afforded the opportunity to meet other great leaders on a mission for God.

Apostle Wilcots believes miracles still happen through the power of the Holy Spirit and through nonlimiting vessels willing to be used.

Apostle's Passion

My passion is people?Christ came to die for the people.

Apostle's Vision

Apostle Wilcots vision has always been to see people saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.

Apostle's Attitude

The Apostle's givng attitude has caused God to shine His face upon him, and his sons call him blessed.

Apostle's Mission

Apostle's mission is to work in foreign countries and help to build schools & hospitals in poor countries.